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Blanket laundry

Using the best products, we wash (fleece) blankets, saddle pads, blanket necks and bandages, among others.

Folded & packed separately

Laundry for horse blankets

You can come to The Groom to have your horse gear carefully washed, including (fleece) blankets, saddle pads, bandages and blanket necks. After we wash your gear, we fold it neatly and pack it separately. Outdoor rugs in particular can be treated specifically to make them waterproof again. For that, we use adapted Bucas products. We charge the following rates for our rug washing:

Our treatments

Washing blanket

€18.50 per piece

Washing blanket (with attached neck)

€21.50 per piece

Washing blanket (with loose neck)

€7.50 per piece

Waterproofing blanket

€11.95 per piece

Waterproofing neck

€5.50 per piece

Washing saddle cloth

€7.50 per piece


Price by request

When you bring in your items, we ask you to drop off loose necks separately and fasten all buttock and tail straps. Once you have paid for our laundry service, we will give you a number corresponding to the label attached to your item. We always charge for repairs afterwards. Preferably bring in your items before Friday. Depending on how busy things are, you will then get them back after about a week.

Dekens paarden laten wassen
Freedom turnout

Having your horse blankets washed?

Feel free to reach out or stop by!