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In our boarding house, your horse will receive fibre-rich food, stay in a clean environment and can roam on our pasture.

Your horse will enjoy great comfort

The horse accommodation par excellence

Looking for a spacious and quiet stable to board your horse on a short-term or long-term basis? In that case, a visit to our horse guesthouse is definitely worthwhile. We offer your horse the comfort it needs and take care of it with love. As a guesthouse customer, you can stop by, look after and ride your horse yourself whenever it suits you best. Below, we tell you a bit more about our infrastructure and working methods:

Our stables let in plenty of daylight and have a bedding made of high-quality straw. Your horse can have a bite of that straw – ideal as a fibre-rich supplement to its daily diet. If your horse cannot eat straw, we provide an alternative and low-dust bedding.

There is plenty of room to move around at The Groom. In addition to standard stalls, we have stalls for mares and foals. Most of our stalls are equipped with an outside hatch, so your horse can easily look outside and will not be bored for a second.

Finally, we operate a unique mucking out system through which we clean the stables daily. That means your horse can always stay in a clean and dry area. We also refill the straw regularly.

You can not only board your horse here, but train it on our 40m x 57m outdoor arena (ebb and flow) as well. Thanks to the lighting, you can also ride your horse at night. To keep your horse moving, you can use our lunging circle.

Furthermore, the stables are equipped with a double washing area (including hot water) and lockers to store your belongings. An additional advantage is that our stables are protected through camera surveillance, so you can leave your horse with peace of mind.

Lastly, we integrated a solarium with infrared lamps in our stables, where your horse can stay to stimulate his muscles and blood circulation.

Size of outdoor arena: 40m x 57m, diameter of lunging circle: 16m

Every horse is unique and therefore deserves adapted nutrition. Indeed, sport horses need completely different food than mares at the end of their pregnancy. We start with a base of roughage that we supplement with concentrates. After all, a nutritious basis is essential to keep your horse fit and healthy. In consultation with you, we draw up a personalised feeding plan and see whether or not we need to add supplements and/or medication.

In the middle of the creek area of the Meetjesland are The Groom’s meadows. The large ponds or creeks and wide panoramic views make the Meetjesland the base for hikers, cyclists and horse riders. Our meadows in particular are equipped with drinking pumps. You can let your horse graze there in summer and in winter.

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